Dragon Express

Chinese Food, American-Chinese
If you have any questions about online orders referring to checking time or just any questions please call 5133933693  
  • lindsey*******@gmail.com posted at 3/10/2023
    This place always serves piping hot food! No complaints! Delivery times are average, about 45 minutes. This is my first time using the website to order and I found it very easy to use. I love that they still give you the option to use a coupon online and pay with cash. We only ever order from Dragon Express and have been happy customers of 6 years!
  • j-el****@hotmail.com posted at 9/29/2022
    Filing a lawsuit
  • j-el****@hotmail.com posted at 9/29/2022
    Ordered 2 flavor shrimp special got a vegan delight meal will be filing a complaint on all social services along with a civil lawsuit against your establishment. I have photos 
  • brison*******@gmail.com posted at 4/12/2022
    I don’t see an update or an eta on my order. Kind of just have to sit by the door. 
  • kidsch******@yahoo.com posted at 9/16/2021
    Every time we order from you, our food arrives screaming hot & delicious. You've never forgotten anything as well. Our number one place for Chinese in the area!
  • nite*****@mail.com posted at 9/11/2021
    I received my order from today but didn’t get the fried dumplings. Could you refund the amount for them back to my card please? Thank you
  • correap********@gmail.com posted at 7/18/2021
    What all comes in your vegetable lo mein
  • mcgowan********@lebanonschools.org posted at 4/15/2020
    I was shorted my shrimp fried rice.
  • tonyawh********@yahoo.com posted at 4/15/2020
    They are the best Chinese restaurant in Middletown!!! I've never had bad food from them!!! 
  • brison*******@gmail.com posted at 2/25/2019
    I never received my email for my order 
  • sarah.*******@gmail.com posted at 12/6/2018
    Will not be ordering from here again, never had a problem in the past, but this time our food was over an hour late and the man who answered the phone was very rude. 
  • horsel*******@yahoo.com posted at 11/13/2018
    We order delivery every once in a while, my toddler loves their lo main noodles and sweet and sour chicken. Always fast delivery, food hot and tasty. We enjoy it.  
  • victoriap*********@outlook.com posted at 8/24/2018
    We order delivery every week from Dragon express. We've probably received about 25 times so far and we've only had 1 problem and they fixed the issues immediately! I agree the lady at the counter is pretty mean and shouldn't be taking orders or dealing with customers. We order online to totally avoid her! Thank you for all of the hard work you guys do! We appreciate you! Vickie and family
    Ps My family said my 1st message wasn't quite enough! Thanks again!
  • victoriap*********@outlook.com posted at 8/24/2018
    We love your food ?? Thank you! 
  • tpla****@gmail.com posted at 8/6/2018
    Bad experience after bad experience. Accidentally ordered teriyaki chicken and called to have it changed to bourbon way before it was due to leave the restaurant. Lady on the phone was sweet, "yeah got it, I'll fix it" my bourbon chicken chicken showed up as teriyaki chicken that had bourbon sprinkled on it. Come the F* on, it even had carrot chunks. Never have i seen bourbon chicken with carrot chunks. Will they make it? Nope of course not.
  • j-el****@hotmail.com posted at 8/4/2018
    Worst experience ever they short you so walk away
  • rachaelt********@gmail.com posted at 4/19/2018
    well we ordered from Dragon Express and the food was good General Tso's chicken also when i called the women was nice way better then china Garden they got nasty food i well never eat at china Garden never
  • klmars******@yahoo.com posted at 3/21/2018
    I ordered kinda late about 20 mins before they closed and they called me asking since we are gonna be closed by the time your foods ordered are you tipping the driver with cash or credit? Like how rude is that??? I have never had someone do that to me before? Like sorry I realized Ive ordered late but still and she was rude and had an attitude...
  • stephani********@gmail.com posted at 7/4/2016
    The website states that the restaurant delivers within 10 miles. I live 6.5 miles away from the restaurant. 20 minutes after I placed an order online, a woman called to tell me that they wouldn't deliver that far. I even agreed to a $4.50 charge for a longer distance when I placed the order. Will not give this restaurant service again.